Attracting birds and butterflies can be easily achieved by a few bird bath ideas. While many gardeners do everything in their power to ward off wildlife from frequenting their gardens, flower gardeners encourage the sight of colorful birds and butterflies.

Bird Bath Ideas – Plant Flowers

The flowers planted and conditions can be the difference between many guests or no guests.  These are wild birds and a habitat acclimated to their needs will encourage rather than discourage.  Avoid pesticides and herbicides to protect your feathered friends.  Greenhouse flowers are generally loaded with herbicides and/or pesticides.  You could compost to enhance your soil. Use grass clippings, mulched leaves and vegetable scraps to create compost.  Add a small amount of soil and lots of water.

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Best Species of Flowers

What kinds of flowers would be a drawing card?  Native plants and flowers would be best.  The Hummingbird likes Monarda, a perennial which reseeds itself year after year.  Cardinals favor berries. Red-headed woodpeckers like deteriorating tree bark for the bugs.  Burdock, a detested weed with beautiful flowers, is actually preferred by some birds.  Tall grasses would beckon. Try wild flowers, the seeds can be purchased at your local garden shop.  Growing your own flowers would feed your birds and eliminate the need for a feeder.

Bird Bath Ideas – How To Provide Cover

Protective cover is an important consideration.  Small trees such as mulberry trees is one example.  Since they produce berries and provide leaves, the cover would be ideal for Cardinals and would feed.  Small pine trees can give shade. Chickadees adore the cover and shade of pine or cedar trees. Watering your garden will keep your Robins happy.  The water softens the ground and allows the Robin to dig for its diet of worms.

Which Colors?

bird bath ideasBirds and Butterflies prefer a flower environment which is colorful and containing many different textures.  Yellows, reds, purples, oranges, pinks and whites are all excellent choices.  Mix your perennials with annuals to provide constant bloom and a  constant palette of color.

About Nectar

Nectar-rich flowers are an allure to some birds.  A prime example is the Hummingbird.  Tiny as they are, if you time it just right, you may view one or even two, Mama and Papa, removing the nectar from the Monarda.  Nectar will likewise draw butterflies.

Bird Bath Ideas – Provide Water

This is a great way to use your bird bath.  Moving water will encourage additional visitors.  The motion and the sound are an enticement.  A solar bird bath would achieve this task.  Keep the water fresh for maximum visitors.  It will require a bare minimum of intervention but your reward will be a great aviary or mix of native wildlife and a beautiful garden.

Experiment with your own creative bird bath ideas.  Make your bird bath garden absolutely irresistable to your birds and butterflies.  Gardening for birds and butterflies will beckon these species and provide beauty to your landscape.


Get Great Gardening Advice With These Convenient Tips

Gardening Advice

If you dream of having green, beautiful, and healthy plants in your very own garden, there are plenty of things you must think about in order to achieve this goal.  Maintaining a garden can be burdensome, but it may also provide a large amount of joy.  This advice will help by increasing the fun and decreasing the work.

Use plants to achieve some seasonal color.  Fall attitudes tend to seem dull because the growing season is wrapping up.  It does not need to be this way, however.  The foliage of autumn brings the most colorful season of the year.  Maple, beech or dogwood trees present some amazing colors.  Some colorful plants include hydrangea, barberry, burning bush and cotoneaster.

Pesticides Kill Beneficial Insects

Avoid using broad-spectrum insecticides in your garden.  These insecticides destroy the good insects which eat pests. Useful insects are more sensitive to these insecticides than the pests.  By killing them, you could be actually growing your pest population. This can set off a cycle where you’ll need to keep increasing the quantity of pesticide you are using.

If you need a peculiar, yet successful, green answer to eliminating weeds, boil them to death.  Any vessel of simmering water you can carry safely to outside can be used as an organic herbicide.  Though this strategy is organic, it does pose a danger to your plants. Boiling water can hurt the roots of weeds and can hinder them from growing.

Mulching is very effective for controlling moisture and weed growth in gardening.  Mulching works to slow water evaporation and limit weed expansion.  There are many mulching materials but the green solution is grass clippings.

Make Annuals Survive Cold Weather

Many annual plants prefer the cold winter months.  When plants become too out of control, simply prune them back.  In just a few weeks, they can bloom prettily once again, contrasting the browns of common winter foliage.  Some flowering annual plants which love the cold are petunias, snapdragons and dianthus.  Cold weather crops which are annuals are lettuce, spinach and pea pods.

Create New Plants

A great gardening tip to implement is to actually create new plants for your garden by employing root cuttings from existing plants.  Dig  the roots in the coldest months when they’re in hibernation, but the ground is not frozen. You can use a pointed kitchen knife to cut the thickest roots.  Cut the plant’s roots into 2 inch lengths. Place the cuttings on top of a tray which has been covered with peat and some form of grit.  Carefully cover the cuttings with a fine layer of grit and peat. Keep the tray moist in some place with a constant temperature, not too warm, and you’ll see sprouts sprouting in a month or so.  Transplant the rooted cuttings to little pots, and permit them to grow a little prior to planting them outside when your weather permits.

Personal Development

With these tips, you’re better equipped to grow the most attractive garden you can imagine.  In learning the best way to create your dream garden, you’ll also be growing as an individual.  By learning the way to nurture your plants, you will learn how important it is to learn to nuture yourself.

Cleaning Up Your Yard

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