Insure Birds In Bird Bath

If you want birds in bird bath, it will be prudent for you to know the different types and add-ons.  There are more types of bird baths than one would guess. If you familiarize yourself with the various types, when you are ready to purchase one, you will know exactly what will work best for you.  The types are:

1.  Achla

Achla is made by Achla Designs. Generally, these bird baths are a dish or bowl type.  Available in many different materials such as ceramic, copper and glass and can be chain hung or stand connected.   They can be hung from a tree, stake or attached to a deck.  The other option is they can be located on the ground.  The disadvantage with a ground location is it will be vulnerable to cats, coons and various other wildlife besides birds. The advantages are large birds, such as ducks, geese, cranes and hawks would be accommodated.  Just remember, you may draw more than birds in bird bath.

2.  Fountain

Birds in bird bath

Two-tier Fountain

The fountain birdbath is the most elegant and luxurious.  It is also the most costly.  Most of these are readily available in resin/plastic. The Litchfield Solar Birdbath Fountain is the most famous but they are available in a variety of materials, including marble and granite..  Where the water in a solar powered pump in a birdbath circulates the water, the fountain actually sprays the water out of a raised spout.  The pump which forces the water out of the spout is solar powered.  Some pumps have a battery backup. It is recommended that the fountain be stored inside during winter because the pump will be destroyed if allowed to freeze.


3.  Concrete

This was a weird term when I first heard it but turned out not so weird afterall. Many online retailers offer concrete baths.  The only disavantages are the weight and keeping it clean.  They are very heavy and you would not be able to bring them in during the winter months.  This means changing location in your garden or yard or garden would be difficult.  They also require some special cleaning product to reduce the building up of enzymes.  There is a company in Watertown, Wisconsin, which custom makes concrete birdbaths.

4.  Resin (Plastic)

Birds in bird bath

Plastic with Wiggler

Plastic is the most popular of all.  It is lightweight and comes in a simple bath to a 3-tier.  All sorts of amenities can be added.  Some of these are solar pumps, fountains, wigglers, pedestals, heaters and lights.  It is the most economically priced. The advice is to remove once freezing temperatures are present.  Moving water serves as an enticement to birds to use your birdbath.


5. Ceramic

This type can be glass or ceramic.  The delicate nature of these means they may not hold up very well to weather.  Beautiful, indeed, but expect breakage should your climate experience strong storms.  They can be hung or put on a pedestal.

6. Heated

This is an amenity designed for cold weather.  It warms the bowl or dish to keep the water from freezing.  Powered by electricity, the cord and plug tuck away for the summer months.  Element can be purchased separately.  The absence of the add-on will result in no birds in bird bath.


7. Lighted

The lighted type is powered with solar cells and not submerged.  The solar panels are located in the pedestal of the bath.

8. Bird Bath and Feeder Combo

The name pretty well explains this type.  The feeder is mounted above the bath and the one, I observed, had a solar light on the top.

Note:  Water wiggler is a gadget that creates ripples in the bath water.  It is powered by batteries.

Make Your Own Bird Bath

It is simple to make your own bird bath. The items needed are an old bucket with a drip hole punched in it and an old layer cake pan with gravel in the bottom. Hang the bucket from a low tree limb with the pan underneath. Then add water to the bucket. The dripping bucket will create water sound and your birds will love it. A little ingenuity can go a long ways.

As you can see from the above, the choices are endless and your birdbath will reflect your preferences and budget.    At any rate, you should enjoy the birds in bird bath that patronize the type you chose.   Check out your bird bath gardensolar bird bath and bird bath ideas.