how to attract birdsIf you need to know how to attract birds, common sense and a knowledge of our feathered friends habits will solve this problem.  One would think that as we approach birds, we should be very quiet. This is not the case necessarily.  Our movement actually scares birds who, most likely, consider humans as predators or a danger.

How To Attract Birds – Four Ways

How to attract birds, you ask?  There is only four known ways to attract birds.  Although only four ways, each way will take some effort by the person who would like to encourage birds to their backyard.  Once you have installed an attraction for drawing birds, your knowledge about birds will grow and grow. You will learn to recognize the specie and it’s call. The road to this progress may involve a bit of planning to determine which way to begin to attract birds. For optimal viewing, all four ways may not work well together.

Creating a wild life sanctuary will provide food, housing, water and cover. Each will improve the possibility of enticing birds to your backyard.

Attract Birds With Food

Food is vitally important because flying takes an enormous amount of energy. In the winter, small birds eat more than normal due to the colder temperatures. Their food also replenishes their body heat plus the energy to fly.  Good quality seed is the best choice because there is not much waste, content in the bird seed which are just fillers.

Most bird seed is not one size fits all.  Every specie has its preferences.  This is the reason for planting a variety of flowers allowing your yard to supply more species of birds.

Attract Birds With Water

Just as humans need water to live, so do birds.  During the winter, birds can siphon water from the snow.  In the warm months, they require more water for not only drinking but also for bathing.  A sure way to entice birds is by providing water.  A bird bath will support this need.

Attract Birds With Housing

Nesting birds are very particular about their housing.  Bird houses can provide housing for some species while others will build nests of their own. Types vary from twig piles to dangling cups.  Even a bird house is sometimes utilized during very bad weather, although not normally occupied.

Use Cover To Attract Birds

Cover is extremely important.  Cover can supply food, protect birds from danger, predators and weather elements…ie, cold, storms.  Natural covers work fantastic.  Natural covers would include trees, shrubs, brush piles and overgrown grassy areas.

Below is a slideshow describing the various ways to on how to attract birds.  Shelter or cover is discussed at length in other articles on this website so it has been eliminated in the show.  Click on the link or image below to start the Slideshow.

How To Attract Birds