Your Bird Bath Is Unsightly And You Need To Know How To Clean A Bird Bath

This is the project I dread at the end of the season every year, how to clean a bird bath.  A plastic/resin bird bath, I am guessing, is the hardest to clean.  It is time consuming and should be done when the weather is clear.  Where I live, you may have to wait for a while for the weather to be clear for several days.

My neighborhood has lots of the nasty Maple trees.  These maples drop seeds, leaves and helicopters in the Spring and Fall and absolutely make a terrible mess of my bird bath.  Even hosing it out frequently during the season does not remove the watermarks and scum.  It does help but the real scrubbing is yet to come.

Move your bird bath to a location where some of the cleaning agents will not harm any of your vegetation.  Stones, driveway or concrete walkway are good choices.

How To Clean A Bird Bath-Tools And Supplies

how to clean a bird bath

For tools and products, an old toilet bowl brush, an old toothbrush for the intricate parts, Soft Scrub, vinegar, bleach, detergent, rags and scrubbing materials and car wax should be available.

Get started with the process of how to clean a bird bath by heating a pan of water to boiling and placing the boiling water with a little detergent into the bird bath.  Then let it sit for a while, checking and scrubbing with your brush periodically to ascertain whether all the stain has been removed.

If the hot water treatment does not clean it to your liking, try some Soft Scrub which is designed to clean plastic without removing the sheen. On a newer bird bath, the Soft Scrub may be enough.  However, if it is not, move on to the next choice.

The next choice would be the vinegar.  Sometimes the minerals in the water will cause a watermark line.  Generally, the vinegar will remove the mineral deposits. You can heat the vinegar; occasionally this has helped.  Vinegar will do the best job on a concrete bath but check with the manufacturer to obtain their recommendation.  If the bird bath still is not clean enough to suit you, the next step is the last resort.

Dump the vinegar from your bird bath.  Now add bleach right from the bottle as you would in soaking laundry.  Also add more detergent.  Allow to stand for several hours after scrubbing with your brush. Try to keep the portion which is not clean moistened.  Dump the bleach solution being very careful it does not get on your clothes.  Then rinse the bird bath thoroughly and wipe or let stand to dry.  If the bird bath has not cleaned to your satisfaction, check at your local hardware or gardening store for a heavier duty product to clean it.

Finally, moisten a cloth and wring it dry. Using a very small amount of car wax, cover the entire bird bath including the bowl. With a dry cloth, shine the bird bath just like you would do for your car. This procedure will help protect your bird bath during the next season.

Now that you know how to clean a bird bath, you should remove it from outside and store it in a garage or basement for the winter.  You could cover it with a large plastic bag to keep it clean until Spring arrives.  Take a copy of these directions for reference in future years.