Meditate Around A Fountain Bird Bath

Make your fountain bird bath your meditating paradise!  What a great meditation area you could create and develop.  Build a colorful and splashy garden around the bath.  As spring approaches, retailers will be displaying many choices in bird baths.  Keep your eyes focused on the internet, hardware stores, garden centers and, even, discount retailers to make an informed decision on the best functioning bird bath and price.

Install A Fountain Bird Bath

First, you will need a bird bath.  The bird bath should provide moving water.  The sound is absolutely smoothing and will not disturb your thoughts.  As a bonus, birds will be drawn to the moving water.

Your Fountain Bird Bath Location

Decide where you want to place your bird bath.  Allow enough room to develop a garden-like environment.  Plan on planting flowers and other interesting foliage.  Also provide cover by way of small shrubs, trees and other bushy cover or even vines.  Once planted, you could add a walkway using stepping stones, bricks, and mulch in the beds.  For the creative person, there are an endless supply of materials available.

 Enlarge Your Bird Bath Area

Leave plenty of room for extra amenities such as a bench and  trellis for vines.  A bench will provide a place to sit as you meditate.  The trellis will allow vines to climb and provide more cover.  The bench should be placed such that the bird bath is in full view as you meditate.

Fill With Flowers

Tall grasses are a favorite of most birds.  They tend to blow in the wind and create a natural habitat.  Flowers which cater to the food need of birds will also be helpful.  A great splash of color can attract birds plus present a beautiful landscape.
Because there are so many varieties of flowers, I can only name a few which are poppy and sunflowers.  Here’s another idea, you could even use planters mainly or as a fill-in.  If your neighborhood has many squirrels, they may attack the sunflower blooms in addition to the birds so plant with this fact in mind.  The hummingbird will be attracted to high nectar flowers, example: Monarda.fountain bird bath  See pictures  to your left.   Another idea is to plant Evening Scented Stocks.  When the dew sets, they are super fragrant.  Be sure to provide some shade for the meditator and your native wildlife.

Another slant which may attract birds to the garden could be to record singing birds on a CD or purchase a CD of bird sounds and play the sounds while you are busy meditating.

Meditation Is Healthy

Meditation will relieve mind and body stress.  I know of a person who loves ice fishing.  Not necessarily to catch fish, but to provide relaxation to the mind and body and bring them in touch with nature.  Catching fish is a bonus.

Advantages Of A Fountain Bird Bath

A fountain bird bath garden has some obvious advantages over ice fishing.  Your meditation can take place without leaving your backyard.  Of course, a disadvantage would be no bird bath in the severe winter climates because, unless concrete, it would not withstand a lot of snow or especially cold temperatures.  If the bench were concrete, you would still be able to sit and meditate.  However, other bench materials may not withstand severe winter weather.  You would just need heavy winter apparel to tolerate the cold.  On the other hand, the fresh, cold air could invigorate and exhilarate, improving your health.

Now is the time to get started.  In a couple of months, you will have your fountain bird bath garden ready for meditation.  Your alone time could improve your entire outlook and attitude on your daily and continuing life.  The changes may be noticed by your family, co-workers and your boss.  Fu

Wisconsin Feathered Backyard Friends

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