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 Improve your attitude and the economy… a bird bath !


Some Practical Tips For Natural Pest Management

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Pest Management

Mosquitoes, Ants and Cockroaches

Through the spring and summer pests such as ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes can easily develop into an actual nuisance where natural pest management knowledge would be very helpful.  Most of us react to this inconvenience by stocking up on pesticides and applying them to do battle. Sad to say, the chemicals in insecticides can be pretty harmful, particularly when they absorbed into the skin while these are still wet.  Insecticides are notably hazardous to small children, older individuals, pets and birds.  Hence, avoid exposing small children, pets, birds and elderly people to chemical pesticides.  Fortunately, there are a variety of viable options when it comes to all-natural pest control.  For people who want more information about pest management, garden services or garden maintenance, you can consult a gardener for advice.

Pest Management -Mosquitoes

You will be able to manage the volume of mosquitoes as well as other bugs (includes flying) in your garden using natural garden pest management measures. The very first task you need to do is remove any standing water.  Planting lemon grass and marigolds works wonders for repelling mosquitoes because they dislike the odor.  To repel from the skin, stop mosquitoes from biting by applying lemon juice.  The odor of citrus lemon juice is another repellent mosquitos cannot tolerate.  People that spend a lot of time outdoors through the summer months testify that Avon Skin-So-Soft mixed with rubbing alcohol will also deter mosquitoes.  Other all-natural pest controls for mosquitoes incorporate citronella and garlic.  Placing sage or rosemary all around your property and, then burning it, will provide a mosquito-free yard.

Pest Management – Ants

It is inexplicably disturbing to view a trail of ants on the kitchen floor, cabinets, or on any food item but they can also be removed without the use of harsh chemical pesticides which can even contaminate your food.  Among the very best natural pest controls for ants is really an uncomplicated spray bottle full of soapy water.  Ants also have an aversion to certain spices such as mint, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  If you soak paper in these herbs and place the paper where the ants typically enter your property it should be enough to deter them.  Other organic pest controls for ants involve lemon or citrus oil, cucumber, coffee grounds and vinegar.  Naturally, leaving any crumbs or open food sources in your house are an invitation for these critters to invade.

Boric acid can be used to ward off ants.  It naturally is a mineral by the name of sassolite.  The two forms of boric are crystals and powder.  It is water soluable.  Boric acid can also be used to deter cockroaches.

Pest Management – Cockroaches

Cockroaches are certainly the most revolting of all household pests.  There exists a little something specifically creepy in regards to the way they shift from location to location.  Pest management is a little more difficult for roaches.  Like ants, cockroaches are tempted by crumbs or any open food including the disposed of packaging which has not been thoroughly sealed. Therefore, it is important continuously to handle food properly and avoid problems.   There are quite a few natural pest controls for cockroaches.  For example, cat nip does not hurt people or pets but cockroaches hate the stuff. They also despise soapy water, bay leaves and cucumber slices.   A lot of people combine baking soda with sugar inside the home to eliminate cockroaches. Cockroaches appreciate sugar but baking soda upsets their stomachs and inevitably kills them.  Cockroaches cannot survive climates where temperatures drop below freezing.

Pest management in your garden and home is really important for overall cleanliness and health.  All of the pests discussed here can cause some gigantic health problems but usually not death if you are bitten.  Most of the remedies suggested here are non-poluting to our wonderful earth, preserving our planet for future generations.

Where Have All The Birdies Gone?

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Where have all the birds gone?  The bird bath is stored
for the winter, the weather is somewhat miserable and
The birds seem to be gone!


Will they return?





Where is Your Solar Bird Bath Placed?

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Where have you placed your birdbath?





The Birds Are Singing Again!

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 The wind has died, the birdbath is defrosted and the birds are singing again !


Sticky: Welcome To Solar Bird Bath

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cardinalGive Your World Some Sunshine Using A Solar Bird Bath

  Welcome to Solar Bird Bath.  I hope you enjoy this website.  If you spend some time on this site, you will find many interesting things to expand your knowledge about birds and bird baths.  

Enjoy !

                                           Birdlady  CockyNorine_94pxX106





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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The definition of a bird bath is a small puddle or pond containing water and of course artificial.  Not all of our native birds eat at feeders but they all require water to drink and bathe.

solar bird bath

Red-headed Woodpecker

A red-headed woodpecker is an example of a bird that does not feed from a feeder.  It feeds from the bugs in the bark of deteriorating(dead) trees or tree branches.

Does A Solar Bird Bath Really Exist?

A solar bird bath does not really exist.  Solar energy provided by the sun through the use of cells creates electricity and, in solar bird baths, the solar energy runs a small pump keeping the water somewhat fresh due to the circulation provided by the pump.   These pumps can be floating or submerged.   The water should be replaced daily, with or without a pump, to avoid reproduction of any insects which require water to reproduce.  Many of the vendors which advertise a solar bird bath have just put together a bird bath/pump combination package. The words originated the combos. It is possible to purchase the pump as a separate item.

The pleasure you will receive from your bird bath, be it solar bird bath or otherwise, will be welcome especially during the warm months when many birds have migrated to the North.  The wide range of birds will astound the viewer. Being outside will bring peace, release the stress of a job and bring a revelation of how simple life can be.


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