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Create Meditation Area

Stress can be health threatening.  Do you have a place in your backyard to meditate?  Would you like to meditate with an elegant accent, allow yourself to dream a little, and imagine a fountain that would fit in your favorite meditation area?  Do you have room for large centerpiece fountains or would outdoor garden fountains that mount on a wall, fence, or post be more appropriate?  The new age movement is fostering more meditation.  stress has no health benefits.  As a matter of fact, stress has just the opposite impact on your body, causing high blood pressure which in turn leads to heart attack and stroke.  Moving water has a calming effect on your brain.


Fountains offer the advantages of not taking up valuable square footage in this age of never ending urban sprawl. Most fountains are completely self-contained. By self-contained, we mean models that you simply mount on the wall, fence, or a post, add water, plug in, and that is all there is to it. You can use any standard electrical outlet. The pump is U.L. listed, and has a variable speed control on it, so you can control the volume of water.  They are lightweight and easy to handle. Some are made from fiberglass making them durable wall fountains and weigh less than you would expect, even after being filled with water.

Enhance Your Fountain

Growing plants, flowers and vegetables in outdoor garden planters in conjunction with outdoor garden fountains is a fun experience that saves money, space and time. It can transform boring areas into bursts of color, vigor and even food.  Know your plant needs before purchasing outdoor plant containers. Shop around. Plant and hardware shops are glad to assist you and the internet is an excellent resource for learning the best garden planters to grow plants in your area.

Shepherds hooks are excellent outdoor plant hangers and tend to beautify the flowers they feature.  Hanging planters create garden fantasy.  Inexpensive adornments to any garden, require very little care and are available at hardware stores and garden centers.

gazing ball

Another adornment, can be an inexpensive statue which will hold a gazing ball.  Gazing balls come in a variety of colors and prices.  The statue can be painted with spray paint and used from year to year.  The gazing ball will emphasize the beauty of the flowers planted near it.

Meditate In Peace

To conclude this discussion, a fountain will improve the visual look of your garden and relieve your stress.  Other places to look for containers can be as simple and inexpensive as a thrift store.  A pretty bowl on a raised pedestal containing plants or water can serve your purpose very well.  The possibilities all lurk in how creative you can be.  Happy meditating!

Fountain Bird Bath

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