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Posted by admin on May 12, 2013

Unfamiliar Bird Song

Last year and this year, I have occasionally heard, but not seen, a bird that resembles two notes on a flute, a high note to a lower note, just two notes.  This spurred my curiosity so I decided to find out which bird I have been listening to.

Search For Answers

I spent most of one day listening to bird songs trying to identify this bird.  The conclusion is that the bird is a thrush but I am still not certain as to which one.  It only sends two notes while the sounds on the recordings seem to have three notes or more.  Because I live in Wisconsin, an area with many woodlands, I have to assume that my bird is a wood thrush.

Thrush Education

Thrushes http://www.birdbarhsolar.org

Thrushes have many voices as I have learned.  Identification is difficult.  Unless viewed up close, their appearance seems to blend into their habitat, thus, making them fairly unnoticeable except for witnessing their song.  The males are the singers.  The bird is related to the Robin.

Food And Migration

Thrushes feed on berries, worms, beetles and other insects. They are migrating and currently studies are active as to migration locations and other interesting data about the thrush.


Perhaps, our musical instrument, the flute, was modeled after the thrush because of the variations in its song.  Bird songs and music have become a twosome more recently as many music recordings now include singing birds.  Read more about physical bird matched with song here:

Wood Thrush
Hermit Thrush
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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