Learning To Take Great Bird Photography

Posted by admin on Sep 22, 2014

Learning To Take Great Bird Photography

This is a guest post by Alfred Obi

A couple of individuals have asked me for some bird photography advice which they can use in their photography trade.  After some deliberation on the subject, I have created for you the following simple bird photography tips.


Practice In Your Backyard. To produce the best suggests you must become educated about bird photography opportunities in your own backyard.  Install a bird feeder or birdbath to draw birds and begin taking photos.  Observe bird habits and discover how close you can get before the birds scare. Do they take their food at the feeder or carry it away to eat?  Study their movement and feeding routines.

Procedures To Achieve The Best Bird Photos

Good bird photography are very much dependent on timing.  Flocks of kinds of birds will eat in the morning or late afternoon. Discover more about the routines of the bird you are snapping and where it returns each day to feed or bathe.

Walk silently, slowly and carefully.  Discover the absolute best techniques to approach birds noiselessly and with barely any activity to avoid scaring. These actions apply to all bird and animal life photography.

Be respectful of nature. When photographing a bird, or photographing any wildlife, never corner the bird or animal. Be mindful that a bird has an instinctive response to fly away when frightened. If a bird does not feel threatened by you, it will have a good opinion of humans and may appear tame in your presence.  However, if your behavior is in any way threatening, taming for great photography and friendship will never be possible.

Know exactly what you are looking for in your photos. Analyze your bird photographs to determine the best poses. The majority of my bird pictures were the result of many hours of waiting, and returning the next day to the very same place the bird often visits. If the image that you look for is of an osprey catching a fish, the chances are basically tiny that you will just encounter the opportunity to snap a photo with the best light and background.

Bird Photography Tips Using Shutter Speed

With lower budget video cams, shutter speed isn’t adjustable.  However, a higher end video cam will have options to change the setting.  At the minimum you’ll require a shutter speed equal to the length of your lens.  With a 300mm and 500mm lens you will actually need a 1/200 sec and 1/400 sec shutter speed which eliminates camera shake.  I recommend taking a faster shutter speed than the minimum if possible.  Birds are exceptionally fast creatures and taking a picture spoiled, because wings are flapping, can be extremely irritating.

You need to position yourself as close to the bird as possible or fixed enough for a brilliant series of shots.  In this article, I have revealed some tips about bird photography.   You should always imagine your subjects in direct daylight.  I do not advise using a flash.  Birds are wary of your intentions and are easily frightened.   These tips can help you in your hunt for pictures of birds.  Take a picture shot and read these simple tips again.  Then proceed and take more pictures and observe how you have improved.

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