The Spring Battle of the Birds Versus Me

Posted by admin on May 23, 2013

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This story begins any year in Spring.  Seems the birds think my home is fair game when it comes to building a nest to reproduce little birds.

Activity Spring 2013

This Spring, 2013, was particularly active.  The battle of the birds versus 524 S. Main Street began.  Mrs. Robin decided she would build her nest behind a downspout.  When I noticed this happening, I would take my broom and bring all her building material down.  Fortunately, she never finished building the nest and, after a few days, she gave up so I thought!

The next discovery was on a large star hanging outside in a front porch window .  The owner was rather slow in removing this Christmas decoration and when removal did occur, low and behold, another nest.  I think it was Mrs. Cardinal this time.  The nest had eggs in it and was carefully removed and placed in a very nearby tree.  Storing the nest in the basement until next Christmas season was not an option.

Following the last episode, a nest was found in a hanging basket of artificial flowers on the back porch/deck.  I couldn’t identify who the guilty bird was this time, but carefully moved the nest into a pine tree on the neighbor’s property.  That nest did not make it.  Either the wind or a squirrel knocked it to the ground. I felt remorse until I thought about what happens when the nest is not removed to be explained later.

Mrs. Robin
Mrs. Robin ended up winning this battle.  She built a nest on a post support for my back porch/deck unnoticed by me (I was probably engrossed in digging dandelions) and she finished the nest, sat on the egg or eggs and they hatched.  When the nest was discovered yesterday, standing on a chair, the little pink, fuzzy babies could be viewed.  Mrs. Robin scolded but as soon as I left, she showed up with food for her little ones.


The Battle Continues

Why do the birds prefer my house?  I don’t have any feeders and haven’t put my bird bath out as yet this year.  Last year, I blasted a radio on my back porch for several days to deter any feathered friends from building a nest.  The event caused my neighbors to wonder about my sanity.  Anyway, the birdies have some poor potty habits.  They do not care if they hit your windows or the floor of your deck or porch.  There is plenty of cover in the area surrounding my house that they should not have difficulty finding a nice tree.  And so the Spring battle will continue next year.

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